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Are you wondering if you will need to return to court if you were bailed out of jail? Check out this video to learn about the consequences of bail jumping.

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Do I have to return to court after I am bailed out of jail?


If you are released on bail, they will usually give you a court setting, which usually happens about 30 days after you get out.Bail Jumping You need to go back to court and it could be every 30 days until the case is resolved. If you don’t go to court or you miss your court date, then what’s likely to happen is the judge will revoke your bond, you’ll get arrested, put in jail, and the judge may remand you without bond. That means you sit there until your court date. It’s really important to meet all your court settings and be there on time.
If for some reason you can’t make it because of sickness, a car accident, or something along those lines, contact your lawyer, and get some proof to the lawyer so the lawyer can talk to the judge about not revoking the bond. All judges vary. Some will come down hard on somebody just because they’re late, and some judges will give people 10 days to turn themselves in before they revoke the bond. In all cases, it’s best to make it there on time or be there a little early so you’re present when the judge calls your name.

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