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Construction Accident Compensation

Were you seriously injured in a construction accident in Texas? Watch this video about construction accident compensation and what you’re entitle to.
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Question: What type of compensation is available after a construction accident?


After a construction site injury here in Texas, a lot of people wonder what they’re allowed to recover. Certainly your medical bills and lost wages will be recovered. That differs based on whether or not there’s Workers’ Compensation insurance or not. Sometimes there are limits to what you can recover. Sometimes you can recover fully for everything that’s happened to you. Construction Accident Compensation If there’s a third-party at fault, you are absolutely entitled to full recovery. That includes your medical bills, things in the future that are going to cost you for medical bills, lost wages, and wage-earning capacity. What that means is, if because of this accident you can’t do your job anymore, you’re entitled to compensation for that. Maybe you can only do a job where you’re going to make less money. You’re entitled to the difference. Maybe you’re injured so badly that you’re not going to be able to work any further. You are losing wages for the rest of your life that you would’ve earned to support your family; you’re entitled to that.

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