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When your kid is injured, you care about them getting better and not filing a law suit. Watch this video to learn about the child injury statute of limitations in TX.

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How long do children have to bring forward an injury claim?


There are often times when unfortunately a family is involved in a car accident, and they all suffer personal injuries.Child Injury Statute of Limitations That happens all across Texas on our busy highways. You might have heard that there’s a two-year time limit to bring a case in Texas, and that’s true for adults. A minor child who was injured in an accident can wait until their 18th birthday and then two years after that because they don’t have call capacity according to the courts. We don’t recommend that because with the passage of time, evidence gets lost and information gets distorted, but if you have a child who is a minor and they were injured more than two years ago, and they’re having serious consequences from those injuries, give us a call; as we can probably still help.

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