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Are you being asked by the police to consent to polygraph testing? Check out this video to find out why you need an experienced attorney before you agree.

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Does polygraph testing hold up in court?


In Texas, polygraphs are kind of an evolving science. Do not agree to do a polygraph with a detective or at the request of any police officer. If a police officer or detective asks you to do it, just tell them that you want to talk to a lawyer first. Polygraphs can be manipulated, and you don’t want to do a polygraph with their polygraph examiners. Polygraph Testing What I’ve done in the past is I’ve taken clients to my own polygraph examiner and see how they’ll do. Very often, people will decid to go ahead and do the polygraph with the police. In most cases, we decide that it’s too risky. We’ll give them our results and see if they will use our results. If our polygraph examiner comes back with a result that I think hurts us, we don’t disclose it. That’s our attorney work product and we don’t need to disclose that to anybody; it’s our own secret.

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