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Injured in an accident? Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Watch this video to learn what’s important about personal injury settlement offers.

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Should I take the first settlement offer?


If you’ve suffered a personal injury, the first thing you’re going to want to know is, “Should I take that settlement that the insurance company is throwing at me?”Personal Injury Settlement Offers Think about that for a minute, especially if you haven’t yet hired a lawyer. Why are they offering you that money? When an insurance company tries to throw money at a person after a personal injury, the reason they’re doing it is they want you to take it, so they can close the books and walk away. An experienced personal injury lawyer will tell you that that first offer is their way of getting out without compensating you for everything you’ve been through, and usually the second and third offers are as well. A good personal injury lawyer will push it until they offer you true compensation for everything you’ve been through.

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