Texas Drug Possession Charges

Texas Drug Possession ChargesIf you have been charged with possession of a controlled substance in Texas, you may be worried about how your case is going to be handled. Your best option will be to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Here is some important information regarding Texas drug possession charges and how an attorney will defend your case.

Texas Drug Possession Charges | Cocaine

If you’re charged with possession of cocaine, the first thing you need to do is interview some lawyers, find somebody you’re comfortable with, and talk about what the potential avenues are. You can fight the case, or get the case thrown out. You should also know what potential plea deals will allow you to maintain your livelihood, keep your job, and keep your license. In state court, it may even be possible to get the case diverted out of the criminal system and into some sort of diversion program where it’s really about rehabilitation.
If that’s not possible, the thing you want to also look at is if there is a problem with how the officer found the drugs. If there is, a successful motion to suppress could result in the case getting thrown out. If all that fails, one thing that may be offered is a pretrial diversion. The other thing that might be offered is a deferred adjudication. Deferred adjudication is not perfect, but it does allow you to avoid the conviction and avoid losing your driver’s license, which will happen if you’re convicted of a drug offense.

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Texas Drug Possession Charges | Heroin

On a possession of heroin case, most of those cases are in state court. In state court, there’s really no penalty for dragging the case out and doing the research. Very often, in state court, your deal will get better as the case gets older. What we very often do is investigate, collect the evidence, talk to the client, and decide on a game plan. Very often, the game plan involves filing a motion to suppress to see if we can get the case thrown out for an invalid search or an invalid stop.

Texas Drug Possession Charges | Prescription Drugs

If you’re caught with a 30-day supply of a drug and you don’t have a prescription, then it’s a much more difficult case to deal with. The good thing is in most cases, it’s a misdemeanor. You still don’t want to have that conviction. You really need to avoid that conviction at all costs, and very often you can.

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