Clearing a Criminal Record

Clearing a Criminal RecordIf you have been convicted of a crime, you may be wondering what effect this will have on both your immediate and long-term future. You do not want to pay for one mistake for the rest of your life. An experienced San Antonio Expungement Lawyer can help put your past behind you, so you are able to move forward with your life. Here are some important things you should know about clearing a criminal record.

Clearing a Criminal Record | Consequences of a Criminal Record

After an arrest, you may face later legal obstacles to expunge your record or get your records sealed. Most records of arrest are kept by federal and state agencies. If you were actually charged with a crime, this record will be available to future employers, colleges, and other third parties interested in your criminal record. Unfortunately, even for individuals whose matters were dismissed, a criminal record is still available to the public. A criminal record could impede your career, your liberties, and your reputation.

College admission boards, employers, creditors, and landlords can all potentially gain access to your criminal record if they are interested in a background check. Many companies hired to perform background checks do not accurately communicate the details of your case such as a dismissal, which could result in job loss or damage to your career and reputation.

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Clearing a Criminal Record | Expungement

An expungement is only available where a citizen is arrested, but charges are dismissed or the defendant was found not guilty after a trial. An expungement will destroy all records related to your arrest. If your case was dismissed, you can request an expunction after the statute of limitations has run on that crime. If you won an acquittal at trial, you can seek an expungement immediately. An expungement means you can deny ever being arrested on employment applications or anywhere else (except in a criminal trial).

Clearing a Criminal Record | Record Sealing

Record sealing is not available where probation was imposed or a conviction was obtained. But you can seek a sealed record or an order of nondisclosure to prevent non-government parties from accessing the records if you successfully complete deferred adjudication.

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