San Antonio Legal Malpractice Lawyer

Are You a Victim of Legal Malpractice?

When you seek legal advice or the representation of a legal advocate, you trust that he or she will handle your case in good faith. Unfortunately, clients of negligent attorneys continue to suffer significant economic harm when they are victims of legal malpractice.

We Bring Legal Malpractice Claims on Behalf of Plaintiffs Who Have Been Harmed

San Antonio Legal Malpractice Lawyer Barratry Free ConsultationAt Rush & Gransee, L.C., we have experience in the investigation and pursuit of legal malpractice claims on behalf of our clients. You deserve to recover for all of your economic losses resulting from legal malpractice or attorney negligence. If you believe your case was handled in bad faith, contact us for an initial consultation or case evaluation. When you suffer from legal malpractice, you may have suffered harm in your original claim as well as by lawyers who you trusted to handle your case. To win a legal malpractice case, our attorneys must demonstrate that your attorney acted negligently and caused damages and that without the negligent actions you would have been successful in the underlying case. We have significant experience in legal malpractice claims and will effectively present the evidence you need to support your underlying case and malpractice claim. An experienced San Antonio legal malpractice lawyer at our firm can provide you with a second opinion to determine if your attorney acted negligently. If you were wronged, we will aggressively pursue a claim on your behalf. We are experienced in all of the following legal malpractice claims:
  • Missing the statute of limitations
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Not properly accounting for expenses
  • Withholding client funds
  • Negligent title search in real estate purchases
  • Conflict of interest
  • Lack of experience and inadequate performance
  • Excessive fees
If you were harmed through a lawyer’s negligence, we will initiate your legal malpractice case by investigating the actions of an attorney. Our attorneys will also consider whether you would have been successful on the merits of your original claim had your attorney properly handled your case. We will provide you with a reliable opinion on your claim and advise you on whether or not we will pursue a claim against your lawyer. When you suffer from malpractice, you have the right to recover your losses from a negligent attorney.

We Represent Clients of Attorneys Charged With Barratry or Disciplinary Code Violations

We have extensive experience bringing claims against lawyers accused of wrongdoing. If you are a client who was wronged as described below, we are prepared to advise and represent you vigorously.

Did Your Lawyer Commit Barratry Offense as Defined by The Texas Penal Code?

Our attorneys represent individuals wronged by lawyers (or supposed lawyers) who have knowingly committed any of the following barratry offenses:
  • Instituted suits or claims without authorization
  • Solicited employment after a personal injury through direct communication with someone counter to the person’s expressed wishes, or involving coercion, duress, fraud, overreaching, harassment, intimidation, undue influence or deception
  • Falsely held themselves out to be a lawyers
If a lawyer (or supposed lawyer) targeted you with any such actions, we can bring the misdeeds to the attention of a local district attorney (DA), who may determine that a misdemeanor or felony offense occurred. Meanwhile, we can pursue civil remedies on your behalf as provided for in the Texas Penal Code. In certain situations we can seek to recover the fees you paid to the lawyer as well. Consult with an experienced San Antonio legal malpractice lawyer at Rush & Gransee, L.C., without delay if you have been affected by any similar barratry offense committed by a lawyer or someone purporting to be a lawyer.

Did Your Attorney Commit Government Code Infractions?

We can advocate for you if your lawyer disregarded your attempt to void a contingent fee contract before representation was fully or substantially performed.

Did Your Attorney Violate Bar Association Disciplinary Rules for Lawyers?

Contact a San Antonio legal malpractice lawyer at Rush & Gransee, L.C., if the bar association claims that your lawyer violated its rules when he or she allegedly did any of the following:
  • Accepted or continued employment in a legal matter which he or she knew or should have known was outside his or her areas of competency
  • Neglected a legal matter entrusted to his or her as a lawyer
  • Frequently failed to carry out obligations owed to you as a client or clients
  • Assisted or counseled you to engage in conduct that the attorney knew to be fraudulent or criminal
  • Failed to attempt to dissuade you as a client from committing fraudulent or criminal acts
  • Failed to secure the appointment of a guardian or other legal representative for, or seek other protective orders with respect to, you or your loved one as a client when the attorney had reason to believe there was a lack of legal competence.
Contact Rush & Gransee, L.C., at (210) 239-0771 or online. Request an initial consultation or case evaluation with an experienced San Antonio legal malpractice lawyer if you were affected by legal malpractice or a barratry offense by your attorney.