Client Testimonials

At Rush & Gransee, client satisfaction is our number one priority. Our firm was founded on the notion that we are not “handling a case”, but that we represent people – people who have suffered and need someone to fight for them. Read our testimonials to learn about what our clients have to say about their experience with our firm.

I was arrested for DUI while asleep in my car in a parking lot. No previous arrests of any kind. Rush and Gransee’s office took care of everything. I didn’t have to show up for anything. It took a little while, just shy of a year for everything to get taken care of, but in the end, charges were never filed and my license was never suspended. During the process, I received regular updates via email on the progress of my case. It was great to have everything taken care of, no worries about dates and paperwork and needing to take time off and all of that.

Michelle N.

Mr. Rush assisted us on a malpractice case against a hospital and Physician, which were responsible for the lose of our Son. From day one he was very compassionate to our loss. Robert Rush and his staff are very knowledgeable, trustworthy and strive for a successful result. When we had questions and concerns, he was very responsive to all our needs. We highly recommend Robert Rush to represent anyone who needs a great lawyer.

Merv G.

I obtained services from Rush & Gransee to help my situation. I had never been arrested before and I wanted to hire a reputable lawyer. Kurt Gransee took my case and was with me 100% of the way. He listened to everything I had to say, was honest about options and kept in contact with me the whole time. His advice and expert services ended up with me having the best possible outcome I could have had. Thank you Mr. Gransee and I recommend this firm to anyone looking for credibility and reliability!!

Dani O.

I was charged with a serious felony assault and I was referred to Mr. Gransee‘s office by a family friend. He was able to get my case dismissed so that my record can remain clean and ultimately he got my records expunged. I didn’t feel like just a client, he showed a genuine interest in my well-being and in my future. His office staff was always professional, courteous, and helpful.

Assault Client

Kurt Gransee was an outstanding lawyer with my case. He communicated with me the whole time and kept me updated with everything going on. I felt cared for and felt a trust knowing he would do his best to help me out. He made the process easy for me and I never had any doubt that he was pushing me to the side. I would recommend Mr. Gransee to anyone and everyone so they can experience the trust and hard work that he showed me.

Criminal Law Client

After getting no where with the insurance after getting rear ended, I contacted Robert Rush. He got immediate results. Mrs. Elsa was awesome as well. I highly recommend him.

Personal Injury Client

We were in an accident in Kenedy, Texas. I contacted Rush & Gransee because I was impressed with their credentials. They got us a lot more money than we expected and were extremely satisfied. I would highly recommended them to our family and friends.

Personal Injury Client

I hired Kurt Gransee last year to represent me for a DWI charge that he was able to get dismissed for me. He offered an affordable payment plan which he was willing to adjust after having been diagnosed with lymphoma. Having the quality service that Kurt and his secretary provide made the ordeal much more bearable. In addition to the excellent job they did on my case I was treated with honesty, and compassion. I would highly recommend the invaluable service that Kurt provides to anyone.

DWI Client

I’m so excited to share my story, with everyone,that this is the second website I rated Mr. Gransee on and I will continue to back-up his services as he had my back in that trying time. Well, I went ahead and copied and paste what I previously wrote, not because I’m so tired (I’ve been on this computer for a few hours job searching, haha) , but because I think my words perfectly reflect what an outstanding job he and his firm accomplished. Here it goes:I hired Mr. Gransee a year ago when I was arrested for DWI, in which the officer didn’t have a real reasonable cause to pull me over but I won’t go into details. Well, I did my research made several appointments with various lawyers and I was sick & tired of it, then as I was about to give up I came across Kurt Gransee’s flyer (like most flyers I received in the mail after being arrested and put on some mailing list,sheesh ) on it stated his credentials ,so I figured it couldn’t hurt to sit down with the man. Upon our appointment he was very knowledgeable, straight forward (no sugar coating which really impressed me), and he was genuinely willing to work with me financially …it was utterly generous. I was sold and the weight was suddenly gone. Furthermore, Mr. Gransee and his secretary were so amazingly caring they always answered my questions ,return my calls (punctually)and most of all they build more than just a rapport with me .Now that it’s done, I’m free of conviction and have my drivers license back , I’ll miss them truly.

Criminal Law Client

I had been referred to Rush & Gransee through one of they’re prior clients. I was charged with a DWI, wrongly, Kurt Gransee was able to get it DISMISSED! I expected a lengthy trial and wait. My case was handled from beginning to end in 9 months. I would highly, if not only, recommend Rush & Gransee for any future cases you may have. They will do everything they possibly can for you, above and beyond expectations. They are accurate, they know they’re line of profession, and it shows. Rating 10/10

DWI Client