Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

Types of Medical Malpractice CasesTort reform in Texas has made it more difficult to hold medical providers accountable for harmful errors. Many injury lawyers no longer try. Rush & Gransee, L.C., is among the few law firms in San Antonio that still pursue the various types of medical malpractice cases. We have the combination of experience and resources to get results in these challenging cases.

Types of Medical Malpractice Cases | Surgical Errors

Individuals routinely seek information from our firm regarding potential medical malpractice claims arising out of surgical procedures that end without success. It is important to understand that a bad result does not always mean that a lawsuit is an option. As in any malpractice case, the standard of proof and the legal test is the same: Some error must have been committed and the error must have been one that a reasonable physician (or nurse, etc,) would not have committed under the same circumstances, or under similar circumstances; further, the error must have been the proximate cause of any resulting injuries or damages suffered by the patient.

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Types of Medical Malpractice Cases | Pharmacy Errors

Pharmaceutical injuries are sometimes difficult to identify. The damage may be caused because two or more drugs interact improperly, or the manufacturer may have failed to adequately test its drug. In some situations, it is learned that a company neglected to accurately report the side effects of taking a drug. The physical damage that arises from pharmaceutical negligence can be anywhere from very minor to fatal.

A pharmacist might incorrectly fill a prescription causing many potential consequences to a patient. Pharmacy mistakes range from providing a patient the incorrect dosage of a medicine (either too strong, or too weak, for the medical need), or giving the wrong medicine altogether. It is also possible that injury may have resulted from a doctor prescribing a medicine that is inappropriate for the patient, causing the patient to have additional medical conditions.

Types of Medical Malpractice Cases | Birth Injuries

Our medical negligence team has helped devastated families hold physicians and medical facilities accountable for preventable injuries to newborns and infants. We seek compensation for the projected costs of caring for a child with special needs, as well as compensation for the child’s diminished quality of life.

The main fault may lie with the delivering obstetrician (OB-GYN physician). Failure to anticipate a difficult birth or to perform a timely C-section can result in brain damage if the umbilical cord becomes pinched during childbirth. Excessive force or improper technique to free a baby who is stuck in the birth canal can break bones or permanently damage the delicate nerves in the infant’s shoulder.

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