Truck Accident Claim Value

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Question: How much is my truck accident claim worth?


One of the first things people ask after a commercial vehicle accident here in Texas is, what am I entitled to recover? There’s no easy answer for that. What you are entitled to is every penny that that careless act has caused you.

You’ve got medical bills. You got time missed from work. You can count those bills and add them up. The devastating injuries caused by 80,000 pounds of an 18-wheeler impact every area of your life. It impacts what you can and can’t do with your family. It impacts how you can and can’t interact with people. Sometimes these injuries make it so that you can never work again. You need to calculate how much you’re going to be missing out on for the rest of your work life. It’s impacting every aspect, and the only way to know what the true value of your compensation is, is to have a team behind you that looks at every aspect of your life, everything that’s been changed, and every dollar that you deserve.

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