Questions About Sexual Assault Charges

Questions About Sexual Assault ChargesIf you have been charged with a sex crime in Texas, you need to realize that this is a very serious offense. Large fines and lengthy prison sentences are a very real possibility. You need to hire a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer right away if you wish to minimize the consequences. Schedule a free consultation with our experienced attorneys today to have all your questions about sexual assault charges answered.

What Should I Know About Sexual Assault Charges?

In Texas, it’s important to know that sexual assault is one of the most serious crimes. One of the reasons is because if you’re convicted of this offense, you’ll have to report as a sex offender for your whole life. Very often, these cases are defendable because it’s an issue of consent. It’s important to talk to a lawyer first. Some people are under the misconception that intoxication is a defense. If you go talk to an officer and say, “Well, I was intoxicated; both of us were intoxicated,” that’s not a defense. You must be careful when you talk to somebody about this offense, and it’s advisable not to talk to anybody about it until you talk to a lawyer.

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Do I Need a Lawyer for Aggravated Sexual Assault?

If you’re charged with aggravated sexual assault, it’s important to hire an experienced lawyer, who has handled these cases in the past, and will put the time in defending you on this case. It’s important in these cases to view the scene of the alleged incident, if possible. It’s important to talk to witnesses, get all the background, and find out when the person made the statement. All those things play a role in determining whether or not your case is defendable and can be won.

The case requires an all-out defense because if you’re convicted for aggravated sexual assault, you’ll have to report as a sex offender for your entire life, and it makes finding a job impossible. It’s important that you put together an all-out defense in defending a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

Can I Use Intoxication as a Defense?

Intoxication is not a defense to sex crimes. People must be very careful to not allege that they were intoxicated, that they don’t remember the offenses, or both the parties were intoxicated. That can be used against you. Think of how it comes out. If it comes down to discussion of who to believe, the complainant or the defendant, if the defendant has stated that he was intoxicated and doesn’t remember the offense, it’s very hard to defend that type of case.

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