Punishments for a Misdemeanor in Texas

Punishments for a Misdemeanor in TexasDo you need information about the punishments for a misdemeanor in Texas? San Antonio criminal defense attorney Kurt Gransee has a vast amount of legal knowledge and trial experience and is a former assistant district attorney for Bexar County. As both a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, Mr. Gransee has handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases. He has experience in every criminal county and district court in Bexar County.

Punishments for a Misdemeanor in Texas | Different Classes

There are three different classes of misdemeanors (A, B, and C) and each one carries a different punishment. Class C misdemeanors are usually handled in municipal courts and usually involve fines. Class B misdemeanors are prosecuted in the county courts and, in most cases, have a range of punishment up to $2,000 in fines and 180 days in jail. Class A misdemeanors are also prosecuted in the county courts and carry fines that could range up to $4,000 and one year in jail.

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Punishments for a Misdemeanor in Texas | Common Types

Common class C misdemeanors include theft (under $50), offensive touching, speeding, and littering. Common class B misdemeanors include theft of $50 to $500, graffiti if the pecuniary loss is less than $500, criminal mischief if the damage is from $50 to $500, possession of marijuana of less than 2 oz., and DWI 1st.

Common class A misdemeanors include trespass of a habitation, theft of less than $1,500 but more than $500, unlawfully carrying a weapon, possession of marijuana of less than 4 oz. but more than 2 oz., burglary of a vehicle, and DWI 2nd.

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