Pedestrian Accident Insurance Companies

Were you seriously injured after being hit by a car while walking? Learn about pedestrian accident insurance companies and how it affects your case.


Should I talk to the insurance company after a pedestrian accident?


Pedestrian Accident Insurance CompaniesIf you’re a pedestrian minding your own business, walking through the crosswalk, and somebody runs over you, one of the early things you’re going to face after you get out of the hospital is an insurance adjuster trying to get you to take a quick check. They’re going to want to take a statement from you.

They’re going to want to record you. They want to ask you questions that they are trained to ask you so that it makes it sound like you were at fault, not the person that was driving the car. Why do they do that? They don’t want to be held accountable for what happened to you. Should you talk to the insurance company? No, don’t talk to the insurance company. They are not on your side.

The compensation that is on the line includes:

  • Non-economic damages
  • Economic damages

Non-economic damages can include your pain and suffering. This is more than just what you might experience the day of the accident. Pain and suffering can encompass temporary and permanent suffering that you might experience. While we cannot easily put a cost of what it feels like to be limited by your injuries, it is still important to get this compensation.

Your economic damages are things that cost you money such as the emergency room bills, ambulance ride, treatments, travel costs for your treatments, physical therapy, lost wages, lost earning capacity and more. If your injuries cost you money in any way, we will seek compensation for those damages. This includes permanent disability. If you are going to be permanently affected by this loss, then you are likely going to receive compensation for that.

That is what we deem to be full and fair compensation. We fight hard to ensure that the compensation you receive is representative of everything that you have had to go through.

We are routinely contacted by people hit by cars in crosswalks and uncontrolled intersections, on the shoulder of the road, in parking lots, and even on sidewalks and walking paths. We know that pedestrian accidents commonly result in broken bones, back and neck injuries, brain injury, and other serious or permanent harm. We work closely with families to detail their medical needs, lost income and other damages, and we will vigorously fight attempts to downplay your injuries or reduce your compensation under comparative fault.

Whether we resolve your case in settlement negotiations or at trial, our firm is devoted to attending to your needs and maximizing your recovery.

Were you or a loved one injured in an accident and have questions about pedestrian accident insurance companies call you? Contact a San Antonio pedestrian accident lawyer at Rush & Gransee today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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