Intent to Distribute

Intent to DistributeDrug possession with intent to distribute is a very serious offense that carries severe penalties. If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Texas, please contact our experienced San Antonio drug trafficking lawyer today to schedule a free consultation. We will work diligently to defend your case and protect your freedoms. Let our experience work for you.

Intent to Distribute | Drug Trafficking

Allegations of drug trafficking are not always based on actually transporting, smuggling, distributing or dealing drugs. Many people are overcharged or unfairly accused of trafficking based solely on a certain quantity of drugs or stretching interpretations of the law.

Possession with intent to deliver can be based on surveillance of drug transactions, but more often, it is based purely on the amounts of drugs or possession of a scale or baggies. If you were holding more than a recreational amount when stopped in traffic or searched, you may find yourself charged with a state jail felony or greater felony with the possibility of two or more years in prison.

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Intent to Distribute | Hire a Lawyer

The law firm of Rush & Gransee, L.C., will not let you be railroaded on trumped-up charges or pressured to confess or accept a bad plea deal. We hold the police accountable for honoring your constitutional rights, and we hold prosecutors accountable for charging cases appropriately and giving clients their due process.

Kurt Gransee is a former assistant district attorney who has defended the accused for more than 25 years. He is very familiar with the tactics used by prosecutors such as charging the highest plausible offense to gain leverage in plea negotiations. Our intervention often drops the charges from trafficking or possession with intent to simple drug possession, which can make a world of difference in the options and the outcome for our clients. Once the case is charged accordingly, we can decide on the merits of the case and the desires of our client to negotiate a plea or proceed to trial.

Our diligent and aggressive drug crime defense has resulted in dismissals, reductions, acquittals and other favorable outcomes for clients in Bexar County and South Texas. We understand that your freedom is on the line. We will do everything possible to avoid a conviction for unwarranted charges of drug trafficking or intent to distribute. Arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced San Antonio drug trafficking lawyer.

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