Differences Between Probation and Parole

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What is the difference between probation and parole?


The effects of probations versus parole to the individual person might be kind of similar. You’re being supervised, you’re being told what to do, and you’re given certain conditions. In most cases on probation, you’re going to have more conditions. They’re going to require you take classes, do community service, and so forth. Probation is what can happen if you plead guilty to an offense. Probation is in lieu of going to jail or prison. As long as you do everything that they say to do, you meet all your appointments, and you meet all your guidelines, then you don’t go to prison or jail. Parole is when you’ve been sentenced to prison and you get out early and you’re being supervised by a parole officer.

There is a big difference in the two. A lot of people call and are confused about parole and probation. If you’re on probation, then you have those strict guidelines you have to follow. If you violate them, you’re subject to going jail or prison. If you’re on probation and you think you’ve violated something, contact a lawyer right away because you’re subject to a motion to revoke probation and being sent to jail or prison.

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