Construction Injury Compensation

Construction Injury CompensationIf you have been injured on the job in Texas, you may be wondering if you are eligible to receive construction injury compensation. Here are some things you should know when it comes to construction accident compensation and what benefits you may be entitled to.

Construction Injury Compensation | Workers’ Compensation Laws

If you’ve been injured in a construction site accident in Texas, there are lots of avenues you can take for compensation. Workers’ Compensation is one option that can provide immediate relief. One of the things that Workers’ Comp provides for you is reimbursement of your lost wages. It’s not full compensation, but it’s enough so that you can at least pay your bills and take care of things while your claim is being handled. If your employer doesn’t have Workers’ Compensation, you can sue your employer for their negligence. If you need help after a construction site accident, you need an experienced legal team that can look at all avenues to make sure that your compensation will be full and fair.

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Construction Injury Compensation | Third-Party Lawsuits

In a construction work-site injury case, if your employer has Workers’ Compensation, you’re absolutely entitled to go after it. If you’re employer doesn’t have Workers’ Compensation insurance, you need to know that you have non-subscriber or individual rights against your employer. But that’s not the only option. Construction sites are complicated areas, with third-parties all over the place. Someone might have built a scaffold wrong. Someone might have provided a piece of equipment that wasn’t maintained and caused you harm. There are many avenues of relief and many ways to go after all the rightful compensation when you’ve been injured at a construction site here in Texas.

Construction Injury Compensation | Construction Accident Settlement Offers

When you are injured at construction sites, one of the things that happens very frequently is an insurance company will come in, make a quick offer, and put a release in front of you. People ask all the time, “I was injured here in Texas at the construction site and they’ve made me an offer. What should I do?”

The first thing you should do is think: Why are they making a quick offer? Why do they want you to sign a piece of paper that says once you’ve cashed this check, your case is over? Nobody knows the extent of your injuries at that point. Nobody knows how long you’re going to be out of work. Nobody knows the impact your injury will have on your family. That’s why you need a knowledgeable San Antonio construction accident lawyer to evaluate your case and guide you toward your best option.

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