Bus Accident Insurance Issues

Are you experiencing bus accident insurance issues? There are a few obstacles that you may encounter, and they can be challenging. Here is how an attorney can help.

Bus Accident Insurance Issues | Talking to the Insurance Companies

After a bus accident, you’re probably going to receive a phone call from an insurance company, or from somebody representing the bus company, or city, if it’s a city bus. The first thing they’re going to want to do is talk to you and ask you questions that make it sound like it was your fault, not theirs. Those questions don’t have any good answers and they know it. They’re trained to ask you questions that make it seem like it was your fault. We tell people all the time, don’t talk to them. If they want to talk to you, have a lawyer sitting next to you; they’ve got lawyers sitting next to them too. Make it an even playing field.

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Bus Accident Insurance Issues | Bus Company Insurance

Buses are commercial vehicles and they require insurance that is regulated. Just like you and I have to have at least a minimum insurance policy to drive our car, they have to have insurance as well. Because they can do devastating damage, their insurance limits are a lot higher. Not always enough, but at least more than the average person driving a car down the road.

Bus Accident Insurance Issues | Getting Compensation from Insurance

Here in Texas, if you’re hurt in a bus accident, you’re entitled to a full recovery for all your damages. If it’s a city bus, there are some limitations to the amounts you can receive, but we will maximize every bit of that. If it’s a commercial bus line, you’re entitled to the full value of your compensation including your medical bills, how it affects you at work, how it affects your future, and how it affects your family. You’re entitled to full and fair compensation for every element of damages.

If you would like legal guidance with these bus accident insurance issues, please call our San Antonio bus accident lawyers today for a free consultation.

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