What You Should Know About Your Truck Accident Claim

Were you seriously injured from a truck? Here is what you should know about your truck accident claim. Contact us to get started on your case.

Steps After A Truck Accident

What You Should Know About Your Truck Accident ClaimWhen people call our office and say they were in a commercial vehicle accident in Texas, one of the things they want to know is how the process works. The first and most important step is investigation. We need to get our people out to the scene. We need to take measurements. We need to take photographs. We need to inspect the other vehicle. We need to get the black box – it’s called the EDR – of the truck so we can see how fast they were going. We need to get driver’s logs. We need to find out if this driver was driving more than he should have driven.

The critical step is investigation. Then you get your case going and get into the court room. You start holding them accountable. But the first and most important step is investigation.

Truck Accident Statute of Limitations

In Texas, if you’ve been seriously injured because of an 18-wheeler or a commercial vehicle of some sort, technically you have two years to take action. That’s called the statute of limitation. Texas law says is if you are injured, you need to file a lawsuit no later than two years, but you need to understand something: every day you wait is a day that some piece of evidence might be missing.

Maybe a piece of glass at the scene has now blown away because somebody drove by it. Maybe that skid mark is just a little less clear. Can it be worked with? Sure, it can. If you don’t realize for six months just how bad your injuries are, we can still help. With our experience and our background, we understand these things. The truth is, when you’re dealing with a commercial vehicle accident here in Texas, you need to act quickly.

Truck Accident Liability

If you’ve been injured because a commercial vehicle driver caused an accident, there are multiple responsible parties. Most certainly, the driver of the vehicle. If they’re the careless one that caused the wreck, you need to go after them. You also need to go after that driver’s employer because they’re the one that put that driver behind the wheel. One of the things we found over and over again is that there are drivers out there that have no business being on the road, and the company knows it, but they put them out there anyway.

There are other people involved as well. Sometimes there are different companies using the truck for shipping. There are different companies brokering. There are different companies owning the trailer. Sometimes there are even different companies that employ the driver. The only way for you to get full and fair compensation is to get all of them involved and all of them need to pitch in to make sure you’re paid.

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