What To Expect After a Bicycle Accident

Did you get injured in an accident and have questions about what to expect after a bicycle accident? Give our San Antonio attorneys a call!

1) Choosing a Bicycle Accident Attorney

What To Expect After a Bicycle AccidentFollowing a bicycle accident, when you’re looking for an experienced attorney to help you, you need to make sure that they’ve been down this road before. These cases are different. You don’t need someone who’s never handled a case like this before.

They’re not going to understand the intricacies of the law that applies to bicycle riders versus automobile drivers. The only way for you to know who to hire is to call and talk to the lawyer that’s going to represent you, not an assistant, not someone who’s just checking boxes on a form, but someone who can answer all of your questions about your bicycle accident case here in Texas.

2) Mistakes to Avoid After a Bicycle Accident

If you’re out riding your bike and some person in an automobile is not paying attention, runs up on you, pushes you over, knocks you off the road, you’ve got real problems. You’ve probably been to the hospital. You need to take action.

You need an experienced bicycle accident lawyer. The laws apply differently, or they apply the same in certain circumstances. Yes, you need to follow the rules of the road, but so do they. They don’t get to say, “Oh, that bike shouldn’t have been there,” “Oh, I didn’t see that bike because it was small. It wasn’t a big car.” If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident here in Texas, you have rights that need protecting, and the only way to protect them is with an experienced attorney.

3) Bicycle Accident Settlement Offers

After a bicycle accident in Texas, the insurance companies oftentimes call and start offering a check. A lot of times they use language like “Let us pay for your medical bills,” “We’re very sorry you’re going through this,” “Let us give you $500 for your trouble.”

The reason they do that is because along with that offer, that makes it sound like they’re trying to help you comes what’s called a release; a release of all claims. They make you sign that. That means that once you accept that check, it’s over. A lawyer’s not going to be able to help you anymore. Do not accept quick offers from insurance companies. They are trying to hurt you and help themselves.

Were you or a loved one injured in an accident and have questions about what to expect after a bicycle accident? Contact a San Antonio bicycle accident lawyer today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Let our experience work for you.

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