Will My Bus Accident Case Go to Trial?

Will my bus accident case go to trial? If you’re injured on a bus, it’s possible to settle out of court. Watch this video to learn, and call today for a free consultation.

Question: Will my bus accident case go to trial?


After bus accidents, or any kind of accident here in Texas, one of the things that people worry about most is, am I going to have to go to trial? Statistically, about 1% of all cases go to trial.
Will My Bus Accident Case Go to Trial?
Are you going to be that 1 versus the 99? The only way that you’re in control of that decision is if you have an experienced trial team behind you. From day one, everything we do is as if your case is going to be that one that goes to trial. Every expert we hire, every pleading we file, everything we do is to prepare for that trial. When you’re prepared, they see it and they know it, and that’s how you hold them accountable. You may be going to trial, but probably not, if you’re prepared.

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