Using a Public Defender

Using a Public Defender

Arrested and thinking about letting the court assign you counsel? Watch this video to learn why using a public defender is not always in your best interest.

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Should I use the public defender for a criminal case?


If you truly cannot afford a lawyer, use a public defender.Using a Public Defender Most public defenders work hard. The real problem with a lot of them is that they’re pretty inexperienced, and they’re using your case as a training. But if you can’t afford a lawyer, it’s the only option you have. Don’t turn down a public defender. That lawyer will work hard, in most cases, for you. The problem with a court-appointed lawyer, if you don’t like that particular court-appointed lawyer, most judges won’t give you the option of picking another court-appointed lawyer. Whoever you get, you’re stuck with. Some court-appointed lawyers handle lots of cases, so they have a limited amount of time they can spend on your case. I still think in most if not nearly all cases, you’re better with that court-appointed lawyer than trying to do it yourself.

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